Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rafael's first Christmas at home!!!

We spent Rafael's first Christmas at my parents house 2 hours away. Rafael just loved all the Christmas lights and music and of course opening his gifts. He also loved eating all the goodies that come along with Christmas. I found him hiding in the living room eating a handful of chocolate kisses with the biggest smile on his face. Adorable!! He also had lots of fun dressing up and dancing. By the end of each day he was totally exhausted and he slept in late every morning. Gotta love that!!! Now we are all back home and Rafael is enjoying playing with his new toys. Hope you all had a great Christmas as well!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Exciting news!

Friends of ours who just live a few minutes away are leaving on Wednesday to pick up there 22 month old little girl, Emma!! We are all so excited for them and Rafael is going to love having a new friend to play with. They will even go to school together. Now how amazing is that!

We've all been super duper busy since I returned to work on November 1. There has been no time for blogging and I'm lucky if I even get time to check my e-mail. I'm loving being back to work but of course I miss chasing my little monkey around all day! He is loving the sitters though and is so happy there. There are two little girls for him to play with there and they have so much fun. Rafael is often dressed in a princess dress or tutu when we go to pick him up. I think he would love to dress in cute little dresses all the time if we let him!

Rafael is getting into the Christmas spirit too. He just loves all the lights and is always after me to turn on the different decorations that light up. The tree is his favorite though. We just put it up last night and he had the biggest smile on his face as he placed each decoration on the tree. When I put the angel on top he was so happy. Adorable!!

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and I'm really hoping that Jennifer and Dianne and lots of others who are still waiting soon get their referrals. Hopefully Decemember is that month that you all finally get some good news.