Sunday, February 19, 2012

One year together!!

Daddy and his sleepy head boy
It was one year ago today that we finally met our precious little boy!! I can still remember seeing his little navy blue Old Navy hat in the distance as we were waiting for our luggage at the airport. Once our luggage arrived, we walked outside and there he was!! He seemed so much smaller than his pictures and he was the cutest little boy that we had ever seen. We then went back to our hotel room with him, one of his workers and the director of the orphanage. We spent 3 hours with him that afternoon and we shared a mango smoothie. It didn't take long for him to warm up and start smiling at us. He then went back to the orphanage for his final night. The same day we met Rafael was also Brian's birthday so today, one year later, we have LOTS to celebrate. Today Brian turns 40 and our little boy has been with us for one full year. We have so much to be thankful for and we look forward to another amazing year with our son. He has the most amazing smile and a personality to match. We just love him to pieces!!! Happy forever family day Rafael!! Happy Birthday Brian!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost 1 year

It is amazing to think that just one year ago we were preparing for Rafael's arrival and now here he is keeping us constantly on our toes! He has so much fun with everything he does and he just loves to make everyone laugh. Today we went to a birthday party for his friend, Emma, who was just adopted from the Philippines 2 months ago. The first present that Emma opened up was a little pink tutu. Rafael quickly hauled down his pants and proceeded to put the tutu on and dance around the room. He was spinning and twirling and was dancing his little heart out. Of course everyone got a grand laugh out of him being so silly but he just loves being the center of attention. Now here are a few photos but there are none of him doing his dance in the pink tutu. Too bad!!

Rafael and Emma snuggling up!

I love the snow!!! He plays outside for hours each day. He couldn't be any further from the Philippines!