Saturday, March 27, 2010


These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we did a 3 hour hike not far from our house. It was a beautiful day and Sid loved it. This is definitely a hike that we will do again very soon.

On the adoption front, I called the lady who is the next one who has to approve our update. She is not in the office for the next week so it looks like it will be a little while before she even gets to look at our update. Too bad but I'm pretty used to waiting by now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On to level number two

I just called our social worker yesterday to see where our update is right now. We signed off on it a week ago and it was just approved by level #1. Now it's on to the next level to be approved. I plan on calling this person tomorrow to let them know how important it is to get things sent off ASAP and hopefully she will read it in a day or two and get it sent off to the last person. The update is only 2 pages so it shouldn't take too long to read it and approve it. My fingers are crossed!

Monday, March 15, 2010

22 months

Another month has passed and we are now at 22 months since ICAB approval. Hopefully this is the month that we will be matched. Our update is almost complete and we are just waiting on the completion of our criminal checks. I'm not sure if we could be matched while ICAB is waiting to receive our update, but my fingers are crossed that they may send us a referral anyways.

We just bought a new camera last week. This camera is pretty complicated and I have lots to learn but I love taking pictures so I'll get lots of practice. Yesterday Brian and I took Sid on a three hour hike and we took 95 pictures while we were gone. They turned out great and I'll try to post some when I figure out how to do so.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long weekend away

Mom and I just returned from Halifax yesterday. The curling was great!! I wished that we could have stayed up there for the rest of the week to watch the finals this coming Sunday but Mom had to return to work. We stayed at the same hotel as all of the curlers which was fun and we got to meet two of the players on our favorite team - team Newfoundland and Labrador. The weather was beautiful and we watched around 10 hours of curling for 4 days straight. Now how can you beat that??

We met with our social worker yesterday and she updated our homestudy. She told us that it should be written up by early next week. Our medicals are both booked for tomorrow and our criminal checks should come in anytime now. Our social worker has already contacted 3 of our 6 references so we are well on our way. Once everything is completed next week, it will be reviewed by the three levels of government so it can be approved. This part of the process can take up to three months as each person gets 1 month to review our update. This seems a little crazy to me so I plan on calling each person every few days until they have reviewed our update. I'm hoping that then it won't take the full three months to be approved.

There have not been any new referrals lately which is kind of discouraging but hoping there is a big batch right around the corner. Here are a few pictures of our curling getaway.

This is Brad Gushue one of my favorite curlers. His team won gold in the Torino Olympics in 2006.

Walking along the harbour front in Halifax.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well last night I had a dream that we were matched with a 20 month old boy but I've forgotten his name. It was a great dream while it lasted. We are meeting with the social worker at 3:30 on Tuesday and she said that things should be done quickly. Hurray!! Our plane arrives at 1:45 pm that same day so I have to rush home from the airport to tidy the house and prepare for the social worker. Mom and I head out to Halifax today to watch curling. It is pretty foggy here today and there is also freezing rain so I hope that our flight isn't cancelled. My fingers are crossed!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We've been matched......with a social worker!

Well I was thrilled yesterday morning when I received a call from our new social worker. She has been matched with us to complete our update. She said that she will call me tomorrow re making an appointment to meet with us sometime next week. I just passed in our criminal checks and our medicals are being done next week. At some point our social worker will contact our references to speak with them but once our homestudy update is written, the whole package goes off to the three levels of government to approve!! This part takes up to three months but I'm hopeful it won't be that long. My fingers are crossed. I am so glad that we didn't have to wait three months. Yet another thing to be thankful for!