Saturday, April 30, 2011

Funky hairdo!!

Rafael's hair is getting longer and is starting to stick up alot. I want to get it cut but Brian doesn't so I picked up some gel to help keep his hair down so it's not so stuck up. For fun, I used the gel to stick his hair up even more. Rafael loved this new look!!!

Rafael also loves reading his books. He will choose a book from the shelf and he will bring it over to me to read to him. So adorable!! He loves "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see". I hope that his interest in books continues until he is finished school!!


Jenny said...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear is one of my kids favorite books too! And now Addy and Jaidyn read it to Levi and even know Addy can't read yet, she has it memorized. Love the spikey hair do. Levi's is curly once it starts to get a little shaggy so we try and keep it cut short because he would make a cute little girl. Ha!

Allison Family said...

I love the hair do! Too cute. Renee, you have one darling little boy!