Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter fun

Our little monkey is a huge fan of the snow. He would spend all day outside if you let him. He especially loves eating snow. As quickly as you take it from him, he is grabbing more snow. Rafael enjoyed making the snowman but enjoyed trying to eat him even more!! I can't wait for some more beautiful winter days so we can play outside some more!


Wendy said...

You mean it's winter where you live?

This is the WORST winter ever here. I do not live in New England to have 60 degree temperatures in January. Ick!

I may have to fly up for a visit to get my snow fix on this year.

The dB family said...

What is that white stuff?!? We've had so little of it this year, I'm beginning to hope we won't get winter at all. Today the girls and I ate lunch out on the porch. Oh, we were in winter coats still, but no hats or mitts required, and lots of beautiful sunshine!

Whatever you do, don't put maple syrup on that snow or he'll never leave it alone again :o)! It looks like he's adjusted just as well as our girls to the cold. He does it so cute :o)!


Julia said...
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