Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summertime fun

Rafael has been enjoying the beautiful weather here this summer.  It has been the most amazing summer that I can remember.  It is hot and sunny everyday and he is barely ever inside.  I just started my two weeks of vacation yesterday so we are looking forwards to spending lots of time having fun.  Going to the beach, the nature park, hiking, going to the outdoor pool, playing with friends.  Sooooo much fun!!!  Hope you guys are all enjoying your summer too!


Jennifer said...

I want to know - did the ice cream stay in the cone in that last picture? He looks SO excited to have it! I just can't get over how happy Rafael always looks in your pictures. If he is not 100% of a delight 100% of the time, you hide it well. Enjoy your vacation!!!

Jenny said...

Does Rafael know how to not smile?? He is super cute and I can't help but smile every time I look at his sweet face. Hoping that you are able to enjoy each and every day of your vacation to the fullest!

Greg Chua said...

Wow! What a wonderful vacation you had shared on this blog. It is important that we must have a time for a vacation with our family. I hope that you had enjoyed the vacation to the fullest.

Greg | Parenting Philippines

Debbie Holdner said...

Hi Renee and Brian,

I discovered your blog last month as I was surfing the web. My husband Kevin and I are adopting in the Philippines as well and have been approved by ICAB Oct 3, 2009. The waits are getting longer and longer and harder and harder. I loved looking at the photos and reading your stories.

On Thursday we were visiting friends in St-John's NF (Paul and Colleen Hookey) who are neighbors with Rafael's daycare. Colleen introduced me to Chriss who in turn introduced us to Rafael. What a bundle of joy :)and we are so happy to have met him. This is a small world we live in.

My husband and I have traveled to the Philippines twice and have visited the Rice Terraces in Northern Luzon, Manila, Boracay, Tagaytay and the Island of Palawan. We are love with the Philippines, the people and the culture.

We would love to meet both of you during our next visit to Newfoundland and exchange stories. Hopefully by that time we will be blessed with our little Filipino baby.

Agnes said...

He's the cutest little boy! Oh so happy! Just look at that face! What a blessing he is, Renee!!!