Friday, September 14, 2012

End of summer photos

We have had such a great summer!  The weather has been amazing and Rafael has loved all the beach days.  I hate for it all to end!  Hopefully the Fall will be as lovely. 
Wishing my blog friends, Jen and Tangie, all the best in meeting their new sons.  How exciting!!  I would love to visit the Philippines again sometime soon but for now we won't be going too far.  Here are a few photos from our past few weekends at the beach. 


Jennifer said...

Love these pictures of this little sweetheart, as always! And thank you for the well wishes!

Jenny said...

Glad to see some photo had been slacking on the update posts!! Ha! I can't imagine that Raphael keeps you busy or anything. Love the picture of him wearing a dress! Reid hasn't gotten in to that stage yet, but is constantly raiding the girls shoe cubbies and usually sports a pair of pink cowgirl boots or pink crocs. :)

The going rate for teeth from the tooth fairy at our house is usually $1. The girls seem to enjoy a pile of coins adding up to $1 vs. a bill. However, we have been tempted to send our teeth to the inlaws as apparently my niece received a $20 once. Ha! It's usually just a good thing at our house for the tooth fairy to just not forget to visit as losing 3 teeth in a week really kept the tooth fairy on their toes. :)

Jenny said...

Renee...I'm needing some update photos of Raphael!!! What is he going to be for Halloween? :)