Monday, September 15, 2008

4 month anniversary!

Today is the four month mark since we received our ICAB approval. Time is just flying by. I can't believe that the summer is over and we are headed into Fall. Fall is my favorite season so I'm not too sad to see summer go. I just love the beautiful colours that you see this time of year and the weather is just great.

My Lasik eye surgery went well. I had it done on Saturday morning and was not allowed to use the computer, watch t.v. or read for 24 hours. That was a pretty boring 24 hours! The surgery itsself was painless and afterwards it felt like I had a dirty contact in my eye. I can now see very well although I was told that my vision will continue to improve over the next few weeks. I started back at work today and I have to wear sun glasses as the flurescent lights seem so bright. The glasses are also good to wear so I don't get poked in the eye by a child. I have to wear these glasses outside as well for 1 week. I am getting tired already of putting drops in my eyes. I have to put in moisturizing drops every 15 - 30 minutes as my eyes dry out so fast. Well all of these problems are only short lived (I hope) so I can't really complain!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4 month anniversary! Time is going by really fast, isn't it? It's amazing how this year is almost over.

I'm glad to hear your Lasik eye surgery went well :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for making it through 4 months!! I hope Sid was good for you this weekend :)

Jenny said...

4 months already??? Time seems to go by so fast. I love the fall season too. The nice crisp weather, fall festivals, and Halloween are so nice.

Glad to hear your eye surgery went well. All of my friends and my mom who has done this surgery wouldn't change it for anything. Most wished they would have done it sooner.