Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deck the halls...

I just got back from another week away. I visited my Mom last weekend and put up her tree and then I worked in Gander for a week. I stayed with my cousin and her husband and we had a great time. Her husband is a great cook and my supper was ready every night when I got off work. That was sure a treat! Now back to real life.

Today I started my Christmas decorating. I blasted the Christmas music (my favorite is Bing Crosby) and got down to business. I decorated the stairwell and the fireplace mantel. I put up our tree in the family room and I hung the wreath on the door. It was all done in 5.5 hours. Not bad. Now we just need to put up our outdoor lights, which we won't be doing today as it is absolutely pouring outside.

Tomorrow is the Santa Claus parade. Sid and I are in it. We walk with the other S.P.C.A. dogs and Sid just loves it. I have his christmas kerchief and santa hat all ready. He'll be just adorable!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in the parade! It's a beautiful day for it.

Jenny said...

You will have to post pics of you and your dog in the parade. Sounds like fun. Aren't you glad you are done decorting?