Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 random things about me

I was tagged by Joanne to list 25 random things about myself. Here I go.

1. I always wanted to be an architect when I was growing up
2. I gave up french fries for 4 years in 2001 because I was addicted to them
3. My favorite tv shows when I was younger were Macgyver and Three's Company
4. I bought my wedding dress for $99 - I love a great bargain
5. I still can't ride a bicycle
6. I love to run early in the morning as the sun rises over the ocean
7. The next place I would love to visit (other than the Philippines) is the Great Wall of China
8. I grow strawberries in my backyard
9. I like vienna sausages on homemade pizza - sounds gross, I know!
10. I attended cadet camp for 3 years when I was a teenager and got to shoot a rifle
11. I love getting together for a weekend away with my running girls
12. I love scrabble, boggle, and all types of word games
13. I love taking pictures and wish that I had a really good camera
14. I'd love to run the New York marathon some day
15. If I could, I would eat cookies and cake every morning for breakfast
16. My mom and I did an Alaskan cruise 10 years ago
17. Brian and I love camping in tent with Sid
18. I love reading murder mysteries
19. My favorite shrub is a rhododendren but they never grow well in my yard
20. Mom always used to perm my hair when I was in elementary school
21. I had lasix eye surgery a year ago and can now see perfectly - what a gift!
22. I would love to see U2 in concert someday
23. I took a sign language course several years ago
24. I knit lots of dishcloths and love cleaning my house
25. My favorite movies were The Goonies and Titanic


Anonymous said...

I really love how your blog looks! Anyway, thanks for doing this. I love learning more about the people I know ;). Oh and I can't believe you gave up french fries for 4 years!!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I can't believe you gave up fries for 4 years, that's wild.

Julie said...

That was fun. I loved 3's company when I was young and I saw U2 in concert twice when I was a teen. We have so much in common, except that whole running thing. You would be proud, we joined a gym this weekend. Now we just have to go.

Anonymous said...

we should play scrabble on FB. they have a beta version my siblings and I have been playing online. a bit buggy, but it works well enough.