Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow day!

Well we woke up this morning to lots of snow and wind. I enjoy snowstorms especially when you have nowhere to be. I just watched tv, cooked dinner and did some laundry. The hockey game came on at 3:00 so I really enjoyed my afternoon. Boston won 3 to 1!! It was a lovely day. Sid spent the day curled up in bed and Brian spent all day out snowblowing all the driveways. I was really dying to bake something but our oven is broken which I guess was a good thing or else I would have baked alot and eaten all my goodies.

It's back to work tomorrow for another busy week. The weekend goes so fast that I hate going back to work already. I wish that we could have at least one 3 day weekend a month. I think that that would make the winter go faster. It would be even better if we could have a 3 day weekend every weekend! I can't believe that February is here already. The winter really is flying by but we probably still have 3 months left so it's not over yet. I really should stop wishing my time away but isn't that what we all do!
Sid cuddling up in bed waiting for the storm to pass. I had to drive him out of the bed at 10:30 am. He really didn't want to get up!
The view from outside our kitchen window. Doesn't it look cold outside?? I'll have a bit of a wait before I'll be seeing my garden again.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the storm, we did as well. Once John cleared the driveway about 10:3am we went for a drive in it. He loves to be out driving in that kind of weather. I wonder how many more we will get this winter.
I would really love those 3 day weekends as well, maybe we could start something. LOL.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

What is the winter weather like up there? I know winter seems to last longer up there than down here from what I read last spring, but what are your temps like in the winter? How much snow do you normally get? I'm curious to hear if it's similar to Minnesota winters or not.

Renee and Brian said...

We usually get lots of snow. I'm not sure exactly how much but it would be 10 - 15 feet I guess or probably more. The temperatures range from -15 to 0 celsius and sometimes it can even go above freezing. It has been freezing cold and windy lately but by the end of the week it's supposed to warm up to plus 7!

emilie said...

that photo looks like a postcard --of a very pretty but very very cold place, and after reading what your normal winter temps are, I can't really complain about ours...but of course, I still will:-) i work for the state, and our governor recently imposed 2 unpaid furlough days a month. it sucks because it reduces the pay for some people who really need it, but I'm looking forward to it. actually, a 3 day workweek would be about ideal for me. ;-)