Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another step completed

We just received word on Monday that we have been approved to sponsor a child into Canada. I only sent the immigration paperwork off in early March. I was surprised to hear so quickly but I'm relieved that there is now nothing else standing in our way. Now we just wait for our referral! Several more families have received referrals this week. It is so good to hear of more referrals every time I check out the Philippines adoption group. It makes everything seem so much more real. My fingers are crossed that Joanne and Jenny both hear something very soon!


Rachel said...

Fingers and toes crossed for all of you guys. Everytime I see a "referral" post on the Yahoo group, I think that maybe it's one of my bloggy friends. Darn it, ICAB, don't you know that my friends need their babies?!?!

Maman Tangie et Papa Michel said...

Thats great news! :) Now it is really just waiting for the famous call! :D

By the way, congradulation on your 10th month! :) You're getting closer! :)

On which yahoo group are you talking about? I haven't seen a referral in months.. It would be great to see one one in a while!

Jenny said...

Thanks for thinking of us. I too would like to see some bloggy friends get a referral.

I am curious to know more about your sponsorship. Is this the same thing as us getting an I-600 clearance here in the U.S? Sorry, to ask a silly question, but I am a little confused.

Julie said...

Everytime I look at the group I look for Joanne and Jenny's announcements of referrals also. I'm glad you are all set and ready to go when they give you the good news.

Renee and Brian said...

I'm not sure if us being approved to sponsor a child into Canada is the same as you I-600 but I'm guessing that it must be similar. I really need to read up on all of this stuff because I really don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

It feels great to complete a new step, doesn't it? :). It seems like not too long ago that you were celebrating your 6 mo ICAB approval anniversary and now you are 10+ mos into the wait! It's amazing to read about all the referrals that have come out in the last couple of months. I hope to hear news of more referrals in the coming months... ;) -Joanne

Amber said...

I so hear you, Renee! I too need to read up on sponsoring a child into Canada, because I don't understand it all either. I think what's confusing is that there seems to be two steps to the whole process: one to be allowed to sponsor a child into the country, and another step once you get your referral and have your child's name, age, etc...
I sent out the papers to immigration Canada, and they responded with a kit to be completed once we have our referral.
Not sure if I have it right, and it probably varies by province...but that's what I'm understanding!

Here's hoping that you, Jenny and Joanne all get your referrals soon!!

John said...

Hi! I am delurking finally ;)
Did you choose PRV or Citizenship? We chose to go Citizenship and have our Part 1 approval... but I am not sure if we made the right choice!

Alicia (in Clarenville)
adopting from Ethiopia