Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little white footprints

When Brian came home from work yesterday, there were little white footprints all over the basement floor. Sid had tipped over a can of white paint and had walked all through it. Brian said that Sid's paws were huge because there were so many layers of paint on them. His belly, back, tail and head were all covered. Brian had to put him in the tub for an hour and when I got home I had to cut alot of paint out of his fur. I can't imagine what Sid was thinking as he sat in a pool of paint all day, especially as it hardened around his paws. Sid is always getting into some sort of trouble. He turns 8 on Sunday yet he still acts like a puppy!

Brian was quite mad at Sid but I told him that it was just good preparation for when our child comes home. We will need lots of patience then so Sid is giving us some practice with that right now!


Rachel said...

Oh Sid, you give me no hope for Gus to ever grow up!!

Was your basement finished so some floors were ruined?! What a crazy thing to come home to!!!

Anonymous said...

...and I get annoyed when waylon treks mud in...ha ha. Gotta love dogs!

Jenny said...

I think I would have sided with Brian on this one...I am glad that you were optimistic about the tracking of the white paint and found some good in it. :)

Amber said...

I agree with you, we have a little dog too, and it is great practice! Dogs need a lot of attention, but they give so much love and affection back. Still, it's hard to stay calm and think positive when they do things like that!

Hey, thanks for the info on the Yahoo chat group...I will check it out. It is definitely nice to meet other Canadian families adopting from the Philippines! I can't wait to read your blog someday soon as you announce that you got a referral!!

Anonymous said...

Sid can a be a troublemaker hey! Oscar gets into a good bit of trouble himself. It's funny, what else can you do but laugh.
Did you get the paint off the floor?

Renee and Brian said...

The floor is still covered in paint but at least it's on the concrete floor so it doesn't really matter.
Sid's birthday is on Sunday so he's getting together with his dog friends for a little hike. I'm going to bake cookies and we'll have hot chocolate. Of course I'll also pack some treats for the dogs. They don't like to be forgotten!