Sunday, September 6, 2009

Italian Night

Over the past several months my running group and their husbands have had country themed nights. A few months ago we had Mexican night which was a huge hit, so this time we had Italian night since we are all soon headed to Italy. The food was great! I made pizza which is one of my favorites. I love lots of pineapple and cheese. Yummm! We've decided to try a Chinese night next and then we're going to have a Newfie night for Christmas. In our group the celebrations always are centered around food. As soon as we were finished eating last night, we were talking about what we will all make for Chinese night. We also plan on having a Filipino night sometime in the future.

Today Sid and I went blueberry picking. I love blueberries and there are tons of them right up behind our house. When I came home, I made a fresh blueberry smoothie. It was delicious except for all the little blueberry seeds stuck in my teeth. I didn't even realize that blueberries had seeds! I think tomorrow I may make some blueberry muffins or maybe a blueberry crisp.

It is so nice to have a long weekend. Tomorrow I plan on doing some scrapbooking since everything will be closed. A friend also loaned me the movie Bella which she said is about adoption, so I hope to get a chance to watch that as well. A long weekend is such a treat!


Allison Family said...

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. The Italian night sounds great! Makes me hungry...just realized I never ate dinner tonight! It's been a crazy, not feeling well day!

Amber said...

Those country themed dinners sound like a lot of fun!! You'll definitely have to do a Philippines night one of these evenings :0)