Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas fun

Last weekend I had wreath making with my friends at work. It was a beautiful snowy day and we had hot chocolate and cookies. Here is the end product of all my hard work. I also have bangs now. The last time that I had bangs, I was in grade 6 so after getting my hair cut I feel so young!! They're starting to grow on me now though. Last night I had the running girls and their husbands over for a Newfie Christmas night. We cooked all Newfoundland dishes and my favorite was pea soup. I had two bowls! Brian made some bacon wrapped moose and I made banana caramel bread pudding. It was my first time ever making it but I wanted to try as it was delicious when I had it at a restaurant earlier in the week. It turned out great and unfortunately there were no leftovers. I'll be making that recipe again for sure.


Anonymous said...

I love your bangs, they look great on you! I am trying to let mine grow out.
I hope you and Brian have a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I also love your bangs! I've been debating cutting mine. What are some other Newfie dishes? I'm curious. Tonight I had a Minnesota favorite at Christmastime - lefse!! So yummy in the tummy :) Your wreath is beautiful - nice work!!

Renee and Brian said...

Rachel, we had peasoup, moose stew, bacon wrapped moose, shipwreck dinner, cod tongues, and partridge berry cake with newfie screech sauce. A very interesting combination!!

Jenny said...

I like your bangs too. There is no way that I am going back to bangs as the last time I had them, it was the 80's...half curled up and the lower half down with lots of poof. Ugh!

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! You guys always have such a fun social circle of people to do things with.