Friday, January 15, 2010

Wow, 20 months!

Where has the time gone! I can't believe that we are now 20 months since ICAB approval. I don't expect to hear anything within the next month but I'm hopeful to hear by March or Easter at the latest. Of course you never really know when the call will come but I really hope that it's not too far off. There have not been any referrals in 2010, that I am aware of anyways. I'm not sure how long it will take before some start showing up. Either way I'm pretty sure that by the end of the year our child will be home.

Today I made homemade bread for the first time. I'm actually not baking the bread but instead I'm going to fry the dough up in the pan. We call them toutons. I'm not sure if they have them anywhere else besides here in Newfoundland. We have a potluck brunch tomorrow morning so that is what I'm making. They're really good with molasses or maple syrup on top.


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will hear about your referral very soon. 20 months is way too long of a wait :(
Toutons sounds yummy! BTW, did you watch the Boston-San Jose game last night? It was such a good game even though the Sharks lost :(

Maija said...

Hi Renee,
I hope this is the very last quarter of you wait! You have been so patient!
All the luck!
br Maija - 12 months on the same list.

Amber said...

Wow, 20 months...what's taking ICAB so long?!
You have indeed been very, very patient! I admire your courage and determination...hang in there!! Any day now, Renee...when you least expect it, you'll finally get that call you've been expecting for so long!!

Anonymous said...

so how do you make the dough for toutons? i'd love to hear how to make it sometime. it sounds like a wonderful breakfast treat. hoping you hear something soon.

Renee and Brian said...

Joanne, unfortunately I couldn't watch the game because it didn't come on until 12:00 am here. Way too late for me since I get up at 4:20 am. As soon as I got up, I checked the score and was pleased to see the results even though Michael Ryder didn't score in the shootout. At least San Jose got a point.

Renee and Brian said...

I kind of cheated and used bread and roll mix. From there you just follow the directions on the bag and once the dough has risen up, you roll it into balls, flatten it out, and fry in up in butter. Quite a calorie wise treat!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 20 months!!!!!

sabine said...


It's so exciting,
I hope that you will hear about
your referal very soon.
We hope you get a call for march

Still 3 weeks to go and we are
olso waiting for 20 months.
greeting Sabine, Benoit en Grégory

Krista said...

I'm praying that you'll receive your referral soon! I hope you'll hear something before Valentine's Day and definitely by Easter and that you'll have a speedy travel date once you do. I'm sure you'll be spending the summer with your little one with you this year!

Patricia & Yan said...

Wow 20 Month!! congratulation!!!!! You're baby will be soon with you!! Here in québec there have been 1 referral after 22 month of waiting time (in january)


Allison Family said...

Hoping that you hear something really, really soon!!!!

And you made me hungry...those sound good!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Congratulations on 20 months! You're so close now...I hope you get your referral very soon! It seems like the wait times have all increased...when we started, we were told that the wait time was between 18 and 24 months...but that there had been a bunch of referrals at 15 months...but with all the waiting families who have been waiting for 20+ months...well I'm getting ready to settle in for the long haul. I think after reading all the comments about just may have to share the recipe with us!

Jenny said... are seriously not any help trying to stay at a decent weight. Everytime I read your blog I get hungry. Ha!

It has to be any day now...I keep checking in on you guys often as I don't want to miss out on the big news.

Anonymous said...