Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome fall!

I just love the fall and when the leaves start to change colour. Unfortunately that means that the summer is over but the cooler temperatures will be nice. There is not much new around here. Last weekend we plant 15 new trees in the garden and we kept busy at the yard. We have been dog sitting my parents dog for the past 10 days so having two dogs is keeping us quite busy. They get along well so it's not too bad. I just finished watching a fantastic 5 set tennis match between Federer and Djokovic. It was a nail biter for sure. Djokovic won in the end and will play Nadal tomorrow. I can't wait! Otherwise, it has been a pretty quiet weekend.

On the adoption front, there is no news. Two families I know have just returned home with their children. There was one referral this week but otherwise things have been pretty quiet.


Anonymous said...

Things are pretty quiet aren't they? Hope you hear something soon.

sabine said...


my fingers are crossed
and yes the fall is comming

and I hope that you will have a call before the fall commes;-)
and me to of course hihi

greetz xxx