Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little bit of news

I've heard from a few Yahoo friends that their agencies were in contact with ICAB and ICAB said that there are 50 families approved in 2008 who are still waiting to be matched. Of course we are one of those waiting families. ICAB supposedly are hoping to have those 50 families matched by the end of the year. Now whether this actually happens is another thing. I'm hoping that all those families, us included, are matched by Christmas. How wonderful would that be!!

My birthday was on Monday and I was really hoping that we would have heard on that day, but of course the call didn't come. Maybe our telephone is broken (ha, ha, ha, ha!!). Maybe we'll hear something on our wedding anniversary which is the 19th of October. Let's hope!


Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday and happy early anniversary, Renee! Oh, I do so hope for you that October will be YOUR month. Let's go, matching committee! You guys have been so patient, and it is definitely your turn! I can't wait to hear some great news from you!

Julie said...

Hi Renee

We just got back from picking up our 2yo daughter from the Philippines. While we were at ICAB we met the team in the matching room and they were working very hard. They said that they know how important Christmas time is for families and they are working hard to match families before then. They wanted to have as many children home for Christmas with their new families as possible, or at the very least matched with families. Hope it is your turn soon, best wishes.

Julie (home 2 weeks and 1 day)
Waited 25 months

Agnes said...

Still praying for you, Renee!!!!! Keep your head up girl...there is one special little munchkin waiting for you!!! Belated happy birthday!!!!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Ring phone...RING!!

sabine said...

wow Renee,
It's very exciting
I look everyday your weblog and hope that you will have your call

my fingers and toes are crossed ;-)

greetings from Belgium
Sabine XXX

Jenny said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! The end of the year will be hear before you know it. That is encouraging news from ICAB.

Renee and Brian said...

Hi Julie,
Congratulations on finally having your daughter home. It is good to hear that ICAB is working hard to match children with their parents. Hopefully that means that we will be matched by Christmas!

Allison Family said...

At least you have heard something. The waiting and not hearing anything is the hardest. I am hoping and praying that you are one of the 50 who are matched this year, the sooner, the better. Happy belated birthday! Thoughts and prayers with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee,
Flying to Manila at Christmas is very difficult to find space and keep the costs at a reasonable level! (I know this as I used to work for KLM) So a spring trip over there would be a good alternative ;) (coming up with ways to look at the positive side!). Can't wait to see the good news on your blog anyday!