Saturday, October 23, 2010

Four years

It was four years ago yesterday that we initially decided to adopt. It wasn't until that December that we started the paperwork and we took the two months in between to do our research and decide on a country. We had initially decided on China since there have been so many adoptions from there here in Newfoundland, but after 6 months we realized that the program there was rapidly slowly down. We then settled on Thailand or the Philippines and I spoke to a few people who had adopted from both of these countries. We ended up choosing the Philippines and we are so glad that we did. We've met so many nice families along the way.


Jennifer said...

Oh, how time flies, right? We're working on eight years come February that we made the decision to adopt - and we had a change of country in there, too. I guess we're defintely led to where our child is - and in the right time (although it would be nice if that time was now, wouldn't it?) We also thought about starting with China, but I wasn't 30 at the time and I didn't want to wait that long. All I can say now is - well, 30 has come and gone. I guess it wasn't meant to be. And you're right - Philippines PAPs and APs are some pretty awesome people :)

Kelly said...

Renee...we had a get together today of some families who have adopted from the PI from the same orphanage. Your name came up! Those of us who have been on the board awhile know you have been waiting an incredibly long while. We all hope it happens for you soon!

Renee and Brian said...

Kelly and Jennifer thanks alot for thinking of us! I am really hoping and praying that both Jennifer and us hearing something very soon. It is a long road for sure, but it will be so worth it in the end as Kelly can attest to!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Renee, happy four years, we had our 4 year anniversary in August. Hoping that it doesn't get too much longer for you.

Have a wonderful and safe trip.

Tam-A-Roo said...

Your call must be coming soon! I think about you (and check your blog) daily...I can't wait for the day when I read "we got the call!!"...until then...enjoy your holiday...I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!

Wendy said...

Hey Renee,
Thanks so much for checking out my blog. You certainly picked an "interesting" day to read! LOL! Would love to have you as a follower; I'll add you to my blog roll too.

Love your sweet dog!

I certainly hope your referral comes any day now. No way around it; waiting stinks...but the rewards are immeasurable!

Allison Family said... believe 4 years have flown by! I hope, pray, wish, along with you that you hear something soon about your referral!!!