Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a boy!!!!!!

It's official. After 29.5 months of waiting, we are now the proud parents of a 12.5 month old little boy named Rafael!!!!!!!!!!! We are on cloud nine and a half!!!! We actually got the e-mail while we were on our cruise in the Bahamas. It was quite surreal at the time as you can imagine!!! We just got home 1:05 am yesterday morning and we met with our social worker at 8:30 that morning. We had his file reviewed by a pediatrician and then today we signed the acceptance papers. Hopefully everything will be forwarded to ICAB by the end of the week and then it's onto the next part of the wait.
We recieved one photo of him and he is just adorable!!!!!!!!! His birthday is October 25th, 2009 and our social worker e-mailed us on the 29th of October. I'm really hoping that it will only be a 3-4 month wait from here. My fingers and toes are crossed!!!!! I still can't believe that it finally happened to us. I'm really hoping an praying for all you who are still waiting. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

Mom to Rafael


sabine said...

whowwwwwwwww renee and brain

I do the samba dans for you :-)
We are so happy for you guys
it's a wonderfull christmas gift

now the next stap
traveling to the philippines and get your little boy in yours arms

greetings and big big hugs
from Belgium

josefine said...

WOW, at last Renee!!! I am so glad for you! Rafael is such a cute name. Where is he in the Phil?
Just enjoy being on cloud 9.
Look forward to see the picture!!!!
/josefine in Sweden

Anonymous said...


Renee and Brian said...

Thanks alot and I know that your turn is coming very soon!!!
Josefine, He is in Iloilo city.

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

Wow! What a surprise to log in this morning and see this! Congratulations! I hope you get to travel quickly. Hoping our phone call comes soon (we're waiting parents for Thailand though).

Méli said...

Glad for you and your familly... you wait so long for that..

Renee and Brian said...

Kerri and Melissa,
do you guys have blogs? If so, I'd love to get the addresses and follow along.

Tam-A-Roo said...

Renee (and Brian), we're so happy for you guys! How amazing that you got the call while on vacation?! Enjoy every moment!

Amber said...

YAHOOOOO!!! AHHHH!! Finally! I'm just so happy for you guys! I felt shivers when I saw your post...and my eyes whelled up with tears of joy. I know that you've both been waiting so patiently...hope you get to travel and meet your son very soon. I like his name, by the way :) Wishing you and your new little family all the best.

Amber and Raphael (21 months today...)

Julie said...

Congratulations to you both!!! They say the call ususally comes when you least expect it, that seems to be the case for you guys! Very happy to finally hear your news.
Julie (Australia)

Wendy said...

Yeah! Hooray! Congratulations! Couldn't be happier for you!

Méli said...

yes you can see at but it's in french, i'm from beauce on quebec. we wait for a year now for a kids of 2 to 4 years old.

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

I've never been SOOOO happy for someone I've never met! Yeah...the fun begins! God bless you!

Jennifer said...

YES!!!!! Congratulations and best wishes to you all! What wonderful news - and what a wonderful anniversary gift! I have tears of joy for you!!!!

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

HI Renee - yes I have a blog but its private so I will need your email address to invite you.

Renee and Brian said...

Kerri, my address is

hang in there. Hopefully there is a referral in the near future for you as well!!!!!!

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

invitation sent Renee - hope you enjoy my waffle!

Jenny said...

Well I was looking forward to seeing pictures of your vacation, but THIS IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! Yea! Congratulations to the two of you. We got Levi's referral several days after his 1st birthday too. And by the time you get to get him, 15-16 months is a super fun age. You will be on the go constantly, so start child proofing your home...move all those breakables up high. Again congratulations and we are so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yaaahhhh! congratulations!!
So happy for you. I emailed you back. Enjoy your rememberance day!


Allison Family said...

I have tears of joy for you!!! You have waited so long for this miraclous moment. God's blessings to you, mama!!! Can't wait to follow you along the journey to your little one!!

Katie said...

As I said on the group page, I am so happy for you!!! I am so excited to read all about your journey from here on out -- it will be an exciting one! My husband sends his congratulations as well -- I keep him up to date on what's going on with all my Filipino adoption Internet friends. :)

Katie in IL

Agnes said...

It's beyond words how happy I am for you!!!

Vicky et Jérémie said...

I don't speak english very well but I understand It's A BOY!!!
Vicky xxx

Bubbis said...

YIPPEE! I was soooo excited to read your post...well the title said it all!!! Congrats and keep yourself busy so the next few months go quickly! Congrats & God bless!

Maija said...


Such wonderful news. I know this is your and your husbands 'moment' but I believe it is quite crowded on the cloud nine, as we are all there to celebrate with you!
Once again congratuations and all the best in the future with YOUR son.
BR Maija

The Roberts Family said...

Congratulations!! You guys have waited so long, I pray you travel very soon!

Blessing to you all,

The dB family said...

Yesssss!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! We're so happy for you!!!! You have had such a long wait!!

Perhaps we'll be in the PI at the same time. Our girls are on Panay.

May the Lord give you MUCH patience as you await travel!


Renee and Brian said...

Debrobah, Rafael is on Panay as well. Where exactly are your girls? When do you expect to travel?

The dB family said...

Really!?! Wow! They're in an orphange (I forget the name) in Iloilo City. We're hoping to go by the end of February at the earliest. Our estimated travel time is 3-4 mths post approval. Now I'm really hoping we'll get to meet!


Renee and Brian said...

Debrorah, Rafael is in Dorcas House which I believe is in or close to Iloilo City. If you get a chance, please e-mail me privately so we can chat. My address is