Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little bit of everything.....

We've been busy for the past few weeks with lots of Christmas parties and events. I just love this time of year!! I've been eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is there a rule about this???? I certainly hope not because I'm really enjoying it! I'm finished all my shopping and I even bought a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for Rafael. It was such a cute set that I couldn't pass it up.
I was talking to our social worker today and she is still waiting to hear back from ICAB with news on Rafael's medical and on news of the update we requested back in mid November. She e-mailed ICAB again today but she probably won't hear anything until after Christmas as things will soon be shut down over there for the holidays. We're really hoping that Rafael's medical will take place sometime in January because we are soooo anxious for him to finally come home. We are also anxious to receive the update as we're sure he has changed so much since the information given in the referral package.
It was seven weeks ago today that we found out that we had been matched with Rafael. I thought that I would post a few photos of that day and also of the day when we signed the acceptance papers on November 10. Such an exciting day!!

Care package for Rafael. I hope he enjoys it all!!!
Right after signing the acceptance papers. Brian still has his work clothes on as he had to leave work to come to the office. Such an exciting day!!! One we will never forget!!!

It was in the Bahamas that we found out about our referral. We'll never forget that vacation.

This was the internet cafe that we first found out about Rafael. I was there alone as Brian was sick on board the boat. My fingers were shaking like crazy as I e-mailed our social worker back telling her that I would call her right away to get the information on our child. All she told us in the initial e-mail was that we had be matched with a child. It was such a whirlwind that I forgot our social worker's phone number, which I know off by heart, and I ended up having to call work to get the number. That moment in time now seems like a dream.

After getting off the phone with our social worker, I headed out to buy Rafael his first gift. I thought a Bahamas shirt would be appropriate as it would always remind us of where we were when we found out about our son. I think that he has a bit of growing to do though before it will fit him.
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Cruising out of Miami

Washington D.C.

Our last photo together before finding out about Rafael. Life will never be the same again!!!!


Jennifer said...

Great post! No rules against eating chocolate at every meal - I am heartily in favor of it, in fact.

And may I be the first to say...WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Love your new background.

Great pictures...and adorable little boy!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the smiles on your faces on the day you signed the acceptance papers :)

Kelly said...

Joy is a wonderful thing, and y'all have it, no doubt! Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Merry Christmas to you guys! I am so excited for what's to come in 2011 for you.

The dB family said...

Mmm, chocolate! I love how you took photos for each of those moments! We never thought of that at all. Praying you hear very soon about Rafael's medical. Who knows maybe some of them aren't partying down yet :o). We haven't heard anything yet either.