Monday, January 17, 2011

Opthamology appointment

Rafael had an eye appointment today to check on his left eye which appears to have a slight turn in it. Hopefully all goes well because we are soooo anxious to bring him home!!! We are now settling in for a longer wait to bring him home. Initially we had hoped it would only be 3-4 weeks from his medical until we got the call to travel but now we are anticipating 7-8 weeks. Very disappointing but there isn't anything that we can do to change it so there's no use in dwelling on it.
We have finally started Rafael's room and it is getting closer to being completed. We are getting his toddler bed this week. A friend of a friend was looking to get rid of her son's toddler bed and she is giving it to us. I had initially thought that we would transition Rafael right from his crib to a twin bed but since we now have a toddler bed, I thought we'd use it. To all of you who already have children, did you use a toddler bed? Everyone I talk to seems to have different opinions. We have a jungle theme for Rafael's room. There are lots of monkeys, giraffe's and elephants and tigers. I hope he likes it! The next job is to start his playroom. We're painting it a bright orange colour because I thought it should be bright and fun.
My friends and family are having a few baby showers for us. Very exciting!! I just love all the little kid stuff especially the books. He has soooo many already. Rafael is very lucky that there are already so many people who love him and we are so lucky that he was chosen to be our son!!


Jenny said...

Our girls went from a crib to a twin bed at 15 months primarily because I needed the crib for Addy when she was born and then it just seemed that she was ready at around 15 months too since she and Jaidyn shared a room. And since they both transitioned from the crib then and Levi was 15 months when we brought him home, we went straight to using a toddler bed with him. While 15 months may be early for many, it worked for us. :)However, I have 2 nephews at 2 1/2 years+ that are still in a crib.

Jennifer said...

Hoping everything goes well for his ophthalmology appointment! The ideas you have for Rafael's room and playroom sound just lovely. After all the waiting...not tooooo much longer, and it will seem like he's always been there (that's what they say, right?) Enjoy your showers - you are so deserving of every "mommy to be" moment of happiness!

The dB family said...

I have a book for you too. If we don't get to meet in the PI, I will ship it to you.

Praying that Rafael's opthamology appointment goes well. His room sounds adorable! Can't wait to see pics. Our girls' is pink and green. Very girly :o)!


mamaluv5 said...

I'll throw in my 2 cents about the toddler bed! I used one with my youngest (who mostly slept with us anyway, oh well, she liked to play on it during the day). Toddler beds are nice because they're small, cozy & low to the ground...helpful if they happen to fall out!! The size is the same as a crib so that will be familiar to Rafael which might be good =)
Praying for the appointment, I'm sure all will be well! I remember vividly how happy I felt a few months ago while I was painting, setting up & praying over Vandam & Tangcoy's rooms, can't wait till the day you get to watch your lovely son sleep peacefully in his beautiful room. xo Cara

Anonymous said...

We used a crib with Ezekiel at 20 months, but friends of ours who brought their son Louie home at 20 months put him right in a toddler bed and he did awesome. I would definitely recommend that. Can't wait to see pics!! It's so nice to have something to keep you busy right now.

Kelly said...

Hope all goes well with the eye appt!!

Both of our boys came home at 14 1/2 months. Both were in a crib for a very short time, then we just moved right to a regular twin mattress and box spring. We put a bed rail on the side and didn't use the frame. So they'll now have these beds for a long time.

Allison Family said...

My daughter slept in a toddler bed I believe around 2 years of age. It worked fine.
I hope your son's appointment goes fine and you receive your news of a travel date soon. In the meantime, have fun preparing his room and playroom!

Anonymous said...

e was 9 mos when we brought her home, so she was in a crib. i think we transitioned her at about 15-18 mos. she just seemed ready. we didn't use a toddler bed as we already had a twin bed in her room. we put a pillow next to her and also lined the wood floor with a body pillow in case she rolled off (she never did). different things probably work for different kids. glad to hear things are moving along...though faster would be nice :-)