Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out and about

We've been busy having lots of fun lately since the weather has improved. We've gone to the playground several times and to the beach. He loves the monkey bars at the park and can swing from them forever if we'd let him. He also loves putting rocks in his mouth which is a bad habit that we need to break him of but since he's now getting six new teeth, we may have our hands full!!

Today Rafael has his professional photos finally taken as it was a beautiful day. I can't wait to see them! Rafael did a great job and didn't slow down at all during the 1.5 hour shoot.

Rafael is doing great in his swimming lessons and he will now jump in and put his head underneath the water! We are so proud! He will kick his legs and move his arms but cannot yet stay above the water if we let him go. We also plan to put him in a dance class this coming Fall. Rafael loves dancing and performing in front of a crowd. When I take him to playgroup he likes to always be in the center of the circle dancing and jumping. We can't wait to see him in dance class!!

Our little monkey on the monkey bars!! He loves just hanging out!

Having fun with one of his girlfriends.


Katie said...

He is so adorable! Looks like he is definitely keeping you busy. That's fantastic that he is doing so well with his swimming. I think Mark was more courageous in the water last year -- this year he has learned a little fear. :)

Anonymous said...

I almost feel like I can hear him through the pictures, he looks like such a life-loving little boy!!!

Allison Family said...

I love his smile. Such a cutie. I just smile when I see your pictures, and I know you are so happy!

The dB family said...

We bought a Philippine folk song CD while we were there and the girls go nuts dancing whenever we play it. I'm wondering if I can get them in with the Philippine dance group in our nearby city. How awesome that Rafael will already put his head under the water!!