Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wind, fog and rain

The weather here has been absolutely awful for the past two weeks. Nothing but wind, fog and rain. Yuck!!! Poor Rafael has been stuck inside too much and I'm starting to have trouble coming up with activities to keep him busy and believe me, he LIKES to be BUSY!! So far we have baked a cake, he's helped me make homemade pizza for supper, he's helped to clean up with the handvac and we've made some crafts. Now I'm out of ideas so please let it be nice out tomorrow!

We had a great Father's Day. Once Rafael awoke, he had breakfast in bed with Daddy. Actually it was just coffee for Brian and milk for Rafael but they both enjoyed it all the same. Then Brian went golfing and I took Rafael on a 1.5 hour hike in the backpack. It was a pretty tough hike with lots of big hills and I was exhausted by the end but Rafael was loving it. He was pointing at the ocean and the birds and the dogs. That afternoon we went out for hot chocolate and a did a little downtown shopping. Did I happen to mention that our boy loves shopping!!

Baking with Mommy

Breakfast in bed with Daddy

Sweeping the floors while wearing one of Mommy's slippers.


Wendy said...

I was starting to go through Rafael withdrawal! Thanks for the smiley fix! Love the first shot of him with his chef's hat on! The kid gets cuter every day!

Jennifer said...

Every time I think this little boy cannot possibly get any cuter, you put up more pictures. He's just too sweet. Hope you guys are getting some sunshine by now!

Agnes said...

Love love love! If you, Rafael, and Brian want some sunshine! Come on down to California. We have the sun and warm weather! Perfect for some roller coaster riding at Six Flags! ;-)

Allison Family said...

He just looks so happy! Love the breakfast in bed picture! Hope your weather is sunnier and you've been having outdoor adventures to share with us all!

The dB family said...

What a hoot! He's just larger than life! I think shopping runs in the Filipino blood, Bella said the other day that she loves shopping too.