Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!

We decided to skip the Canada Day sunrise ceremony this morning because it was..............raining, foggy and cold. Surprise, surprise!! I heard on the news yesterday that we only had three days of sunshine in the whole month of June. Now isn't that depressing?? But the forecast for the rest of the weekend is good and we can't wait to get outside and play! Rafael is tired of being cooped up and can't wait to get out. We are going on a hike in the morning and then to the playground of course. We did have some nice weather yesterday and we went to the beach for a bit. It wasn't warm enough for shorts and t-shirts but we were just thankful for the sunshine. Rafael enjoyed throwing rocks into the water and watching the birds fly overhead. I wish that I had taken my camera because it was a perfect day to get some nice photos. Next time!!


Jenny said...

I'm trying to send some of HOT weather your way...glad you guys were able to get out and about some this past week. Cute pictures!

Mrs. Cushing said...

Awful weather this month here, too. But I don't think kids mind! Looks like Rafael has a blast no matter the weather!


Jen said...

I hope you get better weather soon!

The dB family said...

Our June was not much sunnier than yours. I don't mind not having sunshine. Just give me the heat! It looks like Rafael didn't care!