Friday, July 8, 2011

Water fun

We've spent alot of time at the beach this week since the beautiful summer weather finally hit us!! Rafael loves the beach, especially dipping his hands and feet in the water and splashing. He's also spent alot of time in the kiddie pool that we bought him a few months back. He is really loving summer!

He now weighs 22 pounds and he's grown around a half inch since two months ago. He is always saying "uh oh" for when he does something he shouldn't. He has a few new words but he mainly just talks off in jibberish to anyone who will listen. He continues to eat well and just loves watermelon and pears. He could eat just that all day long. He has started to pretend that he is like Sid, the dog, and he will put food on the floor and eat it without using his hands. We really need to get him out of this but I have to admit that it is pretty funny to watch. He laughs and laughs after doing it. He really thinks that he is super duper funny and he's right!!

We have been so blessed to have been matched with such a wonderful, happy little boy. At times he can definitely try your patience but overall he is just a great little boy. I just love it when he comes up and gives me a hug and a kiss and then the world's biggest smile. How can you say no to a boy like that!

We are also so happy for Tammy and Eric who have been matched with a little boy after 31.5 months of waiting. We can't wait until they all visit us here next year and the boys get to know each other better. I'm hoping that all the families who continue to wait, especially those at and above 30 months of waiting, are matched very soon. Believe me, your little one is worth the long wait. We are also so happy for Rafael's roommate, Peter, from Dorcas House who just went home to Australia with his family. We are so lucky to be in contact with Peter's family and we plan on staying in contact as the boys grow.


Jennifer said...

I just love the pictures of him in his pool! That hat is oh-so-cute! Glad to see you guys are finally getting some SUN! :)

Jen said...

Your little boy is so full of life! I'm amazed that in every single photo of him he is smiling big. Such a happy boy. I'm so glad to hear your weather is warming up. Wish we could send you some of ours to last the rest of the year. :-)

Jenny said...

Yea! You guys are all getting to enjoy some warm weather. We are experiencing heat index in the 100's this week. Miserably Hot! I'm glad to read that my kids aren't the only ones who enjoy acting like the family dog. Haha!
Glad to hear about Tammi and Eric, I hadn't heard that news yet. Woohoo!

The dB family said...

In some ways the internet is such a blessing! It's so great to be able to keep up with other families who have adopted from the PI and have children from the same orphanage :o). Rafael and Aby share the same toothy grin. So cute!!