Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My garden

Our back deck where we have fires in the summer

That's Brians shed where he keeps HIS stuff

On Rachels request, I decided to include some pictures of my garden. Now these were taken last year and we have since added some more beds. I haven't taken any garden pictures so far this year because we still do not have leaves on the trees and the grass is just turning green! We've had a very cold Spring! Once it warms up and things start blooming, I'll add in some new pictures. Rachel, let me know if Dave has any recommendations for the garden. I'd love to have some advice from an expert!


Anonymous said...

I love your yard and your house, it looks so cute. We had to put clovers in our yard because the grass wouldn't grow, apparently not uncommon here in Cowan Heights. But it's green and it chokes out all the other weeds.

You have such a nice big yard, your dog must love it.

Rachel said...

Your place looks GREAT!! Nice job! I know this is last year, but I'm excited to see pictures from this year once spring/summer hits :) How long is your summer up there anyway?

I showed Dave the pics, and he thinks you guys are doing a fantastic job with what you have!

Jenny said...

Beautiful Yard! I could definitely use some tips. I love Hastas since they are great fillers and very easy to take care of.