Friday, July 18, 2008

Lots of exciting news!!

I am so excited! I spent my lunch time today on two computers at work while using two telephones to try to get Elton John tickets. He is coming to St. John's on October 2 and 3. After 50 minutes I finally got through on the internet and got four tickets. Shortly after they were all sold out. I was shaking as I was filling in my information because I was just so excited. I've always wanted to see Elton John and now I will. I was really lucky as no one else at my work got tickets and I've talked to alot more people who were also unable to get them.

That is not the only exciting news that I have to share. A good friend, Rachel, who I met on the Yahoo group for Philippines adoption, just got her referral for a little boy! I am just so excited for Rachel and her husband Dave. They waited for 9 months and 2 weeks which is a surprisingly short wait. They were so surprised and of course thrilled. Now they just have to wait to get everything clued up before they can travel. I'm sure that they will have their little one home in no time. It just makes this process seem so real when someone close to you gets a referral. I'm pretty sure that we will wait longer than 9 months but maybe it won't be the two to three year wait that I have anticipated. Only time will tell.

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Rachel said...

Renee! I'm so glad you're excited - I know exactly what you mean from your e-mail. It means a lot that you're so excited, since we're such good bloggy buddies :)

I think I fixed the comment thing on my new blog so they show up right away. Wordpress is a little different to figure out, but so far I like it!! I think I'll e-mail the address out tomorrow.