Friday, July 25, 2008


We are in the process of doing a few renovations to the house. We are putting in all new windows on the front of the house as well as a new patio door. We ordered the windows and they were delivered last week. When Brian checked the measurements, the windows were all too big and now we have to reorder the them, so it will be another while before we get those in.

We are also putting in a new wood stove in the rec room. We currently have a propane stove, but with the cost of propane being so high, we are switching over to a woodstove. Brian loves cutting wood so that will be another job to keep him busy. I can't wait for a snowy winter night to go down and cuddle up on the couch with the woodstove burning. Just kidding, I am thoroughly enjoying the warm summer weather!

We are putting new laminate flooring in the rec room as well. We need to fix up the floor as Sid tore up alot of the carpet a few years ago when he wasn't impressed that we had left him home alone for a few hours. It's only now that we are getting around to fixing it. We are also putting new flooring in the two spare bedrooms. One of which will eventually be the baby's room.

There are so many other things I'd like to do, but there is never enough time and money. Eventually I want to add another bathroom in the basement because right now we only have the one. I'd also love to finish the rest of our basement, but there is really no rush on that. I have enough house to clean right now as it is!

This weekend Brian is out of town so I have the house to myself. Sid and I are going on a nice long hike tomorrow morning and on Sunday I am going for a run and then out to breakfast with a group of friends. It should be a nice relaxing weekend. Well I'd better run. I'm just heading over to my neighbors as they're having a fire in their firepit. Hopefully there will be marshmallows.

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Anonymous said...

It's really good to have all those renovation plans to keep you guys busy ;). It really helps to keep your minds off the wait. Dennis and I would love to do more renovations to the house, but we're hoping to move closer to my parents' in a couple of years so we're trying our best not to give into our urge to renovate :-|. I totally hear you about there never being enough time or money! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed having the house to yourself this weekend!