Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My new wicker patio set

I finished painting the deck yesterday and today I put out our new patio set. We have had absolutely beautiful weather for the past week so today I just sat out and enjoyed the day once I got off work. It is so hard working when you know it is warm outside. You just want to be out enjoying the weather instead of working because without notice the rain and fog could return. We have been spending lunch times out in the park just outside the hospital. I usually like to walk around the lake lunch time but it is just too hot right now, but I am not complaining! I plan on spending lots of evenings out on the patio this summer so bring on the good weather.


Rachel said...

Good job on the deck, and good find with the furniture! I'm glad it's finally warmed up there for you to enjoy summer :)

Anonymous said...

Looks very comfortable. Bet it's great in this nice weather we are having.

Anonymous said...

ahh, looks like summer :-)