Sunday, April 26, 2009

The end to another great weekend!

This has been a great weekend. The weather was fabulous. It was 23 degrees and I was suntanning in tanktop and shorts! I took Sid on a two hour hike Saturday morning and then we went on a beautiful hike yesterday evening and watched the sunset. I have some beautiful pictures of the hike but I can't figure out how to download them into the blog. The pictures were taken on Brians camera instead of mine and his pictures are stored in a different area than mine. If I ever figure it out, I'll post them. After the busy weekend, Sid is pretty pooped out and is here asleep on the floor.

Today was another nice day but it was windy. When I woke up, I heard a noise in the basement. I kept hearing it so I went down to check it out. The noise seemed to be coming from the woodstove so I went up and got Brian out of bed so that he could check it out. It turned out to be a bird in our stove. Brian had to take it apart so that the bird could get out and he did. I put my patio furniture out today as well so I could enjoy the good weather. I heard tonight we're getting flurries so that will put an end to the good weather.

I attended a session on attachment in adoption on Thursday night. There were only two of us there who were waiting to bring our children home. The rest of the couples already have their children. It was interesting to hear how different families had different approaches to helping their child attach once they returned home. One lady said that she did not let anyone hold her child for three months after returning home. I cannot imagine this. I know that you have to teach them that your are the parents by catering to all their needs yourself but I can't imagine not even letting the grandparents hold them. I guess I'll have to think about that one.


Tam-A-Roo said...

Hey Renee!
We too have been having a spurt of good weather and it is soooo welcome after the long winter!

About the attachment...there is so much info, and so many opinions out there isn't there! I think you're right though, we have to take it all in and see how it suits us. It is so hard to know for sure though.

Allison Family said...

As far as attachment, I had all these ideas on how we were going to approach it...I found it easier as we were experiencing it to just let things go with the flow by how Jay-R was appearing to attach. We pretty much kept to ourselves for the first week or so and then slowly introduced family. He indicated within the first few weeks that he had a clear understanding that we were mommy and daddy. It might be because he is older and the pictures he had in the orphanage really helped. I still don't allow anyone to tend to his needs when we are with family and friends but family and friends hold him although he tells them "no" when he doesn't want to be held by anyone but Mommy! The classes are great and hearing others experience is helpful...just take bits and pieces from each and go with the flow when your time is here.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of just going with the flow and knowing what kinds of different ideas there are for attachment out there. Then play it by ear when the time comes. Kids are all so different.

I'm afraid of birds - I would have flipped out if I'd found a bird in our basement.

I'm ashamed to admit I'm lost when it comes to celsius temperatures - I had to look up a converter online to see how warm it was for you in Fahrenheit :) Don't you love warm days like that???

Amber said...

Hi Renee,
I think it's wonderful that you're going to these sessions and meeting other adoptive families. It's great to get moral support, and to exchange some ideas!!
Of course, each child is different and unique and you'll adapt to your own personal situation when the time comes.
To be honest, the attachment issue is probably what worries and stresses me the most about the whole can be so complicated!

Anonymous said...

ok, it took me a split second to realize you meant degrees C, not F. (I wish we'd switch to metric someday, but I think I'm in the minority on that thought.) hope you get some warm weather again soon.