Friday, April 10, 2009

More renovations

Well Brian has been busy over the past few months finishing off the rec room and the spare bedroom. I thought that I'd finally post some pictures so you could see what a great job he did. We now spend all of our free time in the rec room because it's always toasty warm with the woodstove going. I just love the colour of the room. It's called salsa dancing.

This is the spare bedroom now that's its redone. It used to be bright yellow so this is quite a change. I was looking for a new bedspead or quilt for the past several months but I've been unable to find anything I really like. I'd like something to brighten the room up. I guess I'll keep looking.
Of course I had to include at least one picture of Sid. Doesn't he look adorable all cuddled up with Brian! He is a real sweet heart although he likes to get himself into trouble every now and then.


Julie said...

I love the color of your rec room. I wanted that color in our family room, but was outvoted by blue. Also, please go to my cousin-in-laws blog and website called what knot. She will make a new quilt if you ask and she is really reasonalbe. You can send her the fabric and she'll do it for you.

Amber said...
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Amber said...

Hi Renee,
Brian did a great job on the rec room! It looks really nice...I get a very warm and cozy feeling from the pictures. I love the color! I would like to use a similar color for our bedroom in our new house.
It's great to have a spare bedroom for guests to spend the night, isn't it?!

Jenny said...

Your home looks very comfy, cozy! Love the make-over! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Jenny said...

By any chance do you have Julie's email address. I tried to find it through the yahoo group, but wasn't able to find it. I also tried the link on her blogger profile page and it didn't work. Thank you.

emilie said...

love the salsa dancing color --which seems like a strong suggestion that the room should also be used for salsa dancing!