Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 hours from now!

In just 12 hours from now, Mom and I are boarding the plane to head for Hawaii. Can you tell I'm excited?? We will be travelling for 24 hours by the time we get there but it will be well worth the long journey. We have a fireworks cruise booked for Friday evening and we are doing a luau one night as well. We have tons of things planned are we're hoping to have some time to just hang out at the beach. We get back at midnight on May 30th and I go back to work on June 1. What a nice break! I'll definitely post some pictures when I return.

I could have kicked myself this morning when I forgot to bring my camera on our early morning run. We ran a different trail along the coast and watched the sunrise. It was amazing as usual. I should get some nice sunrise and sunset photos in Hawaii as well.

While I'm away, I hope that more families receive their referrals. I always love to read the stories of how/when families receive their referrals. A blog friend just received her referral for a 12 month old beautiful little boy on Thursday. I was thrilled for her and it makes me look more and more forward to when it's our turn. It will happen eventually and that's for sure so I'd better enjoy travelling while I can!!


Julie said...

Have a great vacation! I wish I were there also, I love Hawaii. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Amber said...

Renee, you always have such a positive attitude and outlook, I really love that :0)
I could learn something from you!

Have a great time in Hawaii, enjoy!! And remember to take lots of wonderful pictures to share with us, so we can get a little taste of Hawaii!! Drink a nice Pina Colada for me :0)

Anonymous said...

I know you and your Mom will have a wonderful time in Hawaii! Definitely take LOTS of photos to share with everyone. Aloha!!!

Jenny said...

Enjoy the tropical weather! Be sure to post some pictures. You always take the best scenic photos.

Allison Family said...

Have a great vacation! I'll be looking forward to the pictures!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Have a wonderful holiday...looking forward to your photos! p.s. don't forget the sunscreen!