Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Early morning run

On Friday morning as I was running I got this great idea. I run outside all year round and each season is so beautiful that I thought that I would take some pictures during each season and then do a scrapbook. Now this will be a year long project but it is definitely something that I will enjoy doing. On this mornings run, I decided to take my camera along and start to take some pictures. This was the perfect morning because the sunrise was just amazing. I just thought that I'd share some of the beautiful sights that I enjoyed on my morning run.

I took this picture after running uphill for 10 minutes so I was pretty tired and shakey which you can tell by looking at the picture. It's a little blurry but it's a view of St. John's and the harbour as the sun is just starting to rise.

We then took a trail that followed the ocean and we could watch the sunrise the whole time. It was beautiful.

This picture was taken on top of signal hill. All you can see if my reflective vest. I'll have to remember to take if off next time.

The sun is almost up! What a great way to start your day!

Every morning when we run, we pass this tree and I always think "wow, wouldn't that make a beautiful picture". Well this morning I finally got my picture and isn't it beautiful? It was actually the sight of this tree that inspired me to start my scrapbook.

At the end of our run each morning (on nice days), we sit on this bench and enjoy the lake and the ducks and pigeons. Another fantastic view! That's it for now, but I'll keep adding pictures as I take them.


Julie said...

So pretty, almost makes you forget the long cold winters. I guess if we had some of that beauty here it would make me forget the winter for a few months.

Jenny said...

What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures and I am assuming it is a small one since you can run with it.

I love the shaky picture. It wouldn't even take me running up a hill to take pictures like that. Ha!

Allison Family said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful! I envy you people who like to run...I like to walk but running hurts! Thanks for sharing the inspiring pictures!

Amber said...

Beautiful pictures Renee! You're making me want to travel and come visit Newfoundland :0)
In response to your comment: I agree with you! Having a dog does keep you busy and takes a lot of time and energy...but it's so worth it for all the love and loyalty they give back to us! We have a little black Schnauzer...what kind of dog is Sid?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, Renee!Looking forward to the rest of the series as the seasons change... ~emilie

Janice et Stéphane said...

Wow!! St-John's is sooo beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures. I don't think I would ever have gotten the chance to see a sunrise in St-John's :o).


Tam-A-Roo said...

Renee...beautiful photos! You're making us all want to visit Newfoundland!

Renee and Brian said...

In response to your questions, I have a Canon sureshot or something like that. I would like to own a better camera but then I would have to learn to use it.
Sid is a mix between a sheltie, beagle, and setter!
I took several more pictures this morning and I'll post those sometime as well.