Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out in the garden

Last weekend I spent 8 hours out in the garden and yesterday I was out there for another 6 hours but things are finally starting to look good. I love gardening but it's such hard work and I'm always stiff the following day. When we moved into our home 9 years ago, there was no garden. I decided that I'd like a big garden and now that's what I have but now it's too big! It takes forever to weed it all and by the time you end in one place, you have to start all again. Every year I swear that this is it, I'm not going to buy any more plants, but I always do. So far this year I've been good but I do on plan on getting some clematis at some point.

My next door neighbour came over yesterday for some gardening advice. She planted in annuals last weekend and she couldn't understand why they we already dead. First of all we have frost two nights this week. Secondly, she said that she had not watered them since she planted them in, a week ago! We have not had any rain in over a week and the days have been very warm 75 - 85 degrees farenheit. She definitely is not known for her greenthumb.

This morning I'm making homemade waffles for breakfast since it's Father's Day. Mom and Dad are both in and Mom and I are going to Cirque du Soleil this afternoon. It should be a great day.


Julie said...

Your garden sounds wonderful, please post a picture. Have a great summer and I'm sure all your hard work really pays off.

Amber said...

Yum! Home made waffles...what a great and delicious way to celebrate father's day!
Enjoy the Cirque du Soleil show :0)

Tam-A-Roo said...

Love the picture of your puppy!

I have a small (really small garden) and I can't keep up with the weeding...I can't imagine having a big garden! Oh is worth the see (and taste) the fruits of your labour!

Allison Family said...

Your neighbor sounds like mean I'm suppossed to water those things? I certainly do not have a green thumb! I'm sure your garden is beautiful!b