Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden pictures

I just added a few older pictures of our garden. I haven't taken any pictures so far this year but I'll be sure to post some when I do. I plan on buying my annuals next week because we were still have pretty heavy frost overnight up until late last week. Hopefully the frost is over for now.


Amber said...

Oh, Renee...your garden is just beautiful! I hope the weather starts warming up so that you can start working on your garden soon!!
The summer has finally started!!

Julie said...

It is so well manicured, can you come do mine? I hope you get warmer weather soon. Thanks for the pictures.

Jenny said...

Beautiful yard! I can see why it takes you so long to prep and keep up with it all. Your deck looks so inviting and I think that I could curl up and take a nice little nap on one of those wicker seats.