Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Every Canada Day we walk or run up to Signal Hill for the Sunrise Ceremony. Isn't it funny, that it is always foggy and raining and rarely do we see a sunrise! We still enjoy it though, especially the cake after the ceremony. Afterwards, we always go to Helen's house for breakfast. It is a great tradition. Today it is cold and rainy so my plans to mow the grass and wash the car have been cancelled. Instead I cleaned the house and now I'm watching Wimbledon. Below is a picture from breakfast this morning.

We enjoyed an extra long weekend this past week. We spent Friday and Saturday night at my cousins house in Gander and then we visited the cabin with Mom and Dad on Sunday and Monday night. The weather was great and we had three trips out in boat. I caught two (small) fish and Brian had a few as well.

When out in boat, Mom and I stopped at this beach while Dad and Brian did some fishing. It was just beautiful. We then had a boil up with moose sausages, beans, toast, and tea. Yummy, yummy!

The dogs both wanted to be at the front of the boat. Isn't Sid cute?

My poor small fish. We let him go.

Last week was a great week with regards to referrals. Joanne, who has waited what seems like FOREVER, finally received her referral for a little boy and there was another referral as well. Hopefully the travel times aren't too long. I'm more hopeful that we will hear somthing by the end of the year. But we'll just have to wait and see.


Julie said...

You are next in my book to get a referral, we'll send all our positive energy your way. You small vacation looks great. We have had cool weather lately, but I'm not complaining.

Jenny said...

Moose sausage??? Never heard of anyone eating that before, but then we don't have too many of those roaming around here in Missouri. Ha!

Yes, our agency has also had a lot of referrals in the the last month so hopefully you guys will receive yours very soon also.

Allison Family said...

You always post such beautiful is so pretty where you live! Hoping and praying your referral comes soon!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Sounds like you had a fun long weekend! Hoping you receive your referral VERY soon!

Dawn said...

Renee, you are keeping yourself busy and all the pics are so beautiful! Hoping the referral comes soon, how exciting and it will be so thrilling to watch it happen. It appears 18 months is the magic #, so hang in there I will pray it is sooner! Tell me again what age and boy or girl?

Renee and Brian said...

We have requested a boy or girl between 0 -2, Here in Newfoundland, we are unable to adopt a child, through international adoption, over the age of 3. Strange rules!

Amber said...

Happy Canada day to you too :0)
Ah, your dog Sid is such a cutie!

Yes, it has been a great week for referrals, hasn't it?! Things seem to be moving in the Philippines...the wait for referrals seems to be getting shorter as well. I guess that was part of reason for the seems to be working! I have a feeling your turn is coming very soon!

Here's to a referral for you and Brian in the very near future...

CrombieClan said...

Happy Canada Day to you. We are now in Vancouver at my brothers and it's a nice relief from Florida. Hope you enjoyed the day. Michelle in FL