Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy times!

Well, we've been quite busy the past week. It all started on Canada Day when I fell off the bed at 8:30 that evening! I know, I know, I shouldn't be falling off the bed at my age! I was reaching over the side, when I fell flat onto my back on the floor. My back hurt alot for several days but is now starting to feel better.

The next evening, I came home from work to realize that Sid had busted out of his outdoor kennel and had run away. He's afraid of loud noises and our neighbour said that there had been blasting going on nearby that day. After 2.5 hours, we finally found him. He was afraid and covered in mud but we were so glad to have him home. That night we also went to the Tragically Hip concert which was great. It's the first time that we had seen them in concert.

I just purchased tickets to David Copperfield who is coming here to St. John's in November. Brian and I love magic so we're pretty exciting about the show. Who knows, by then we may have a referral!! I must be one of the lucky ones because strangely enough as the wait goes on, it seems to get less painful to me. I can remember early on always being anxious and impateint and having the feeling that our turn would never come. As we get closer, I just feel that everything will happen when it's supposed to. Not to say that I want to wait another full year and I really hope that we hear something by the end of this year. I'm just trying to enjoy my child free days as much as possible and fit as much in as I possibly can. I'm sure that once we receive a referral, the wait will seem harder because then we know who our child is and we'll just want to be with them right now! We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found Sid and that your back is starting to feel better! Sounds like you two are keeping pretty busy. I'm glad that the wait isn't too bad for you. Before you know it, you'll have your referral and you'll be even more busy!

Amber said...

I feel for you...since we moved into our new house, ou dog has managed to run away three times!! She's a little terrier, and digs under our fully fenced backyard. Luckily, she didn't run off too far...just chasing squirrels and birds on our neighbour's lawn. Still, we don't even have a new tag for her even if someone found her, they wouldn't know where to return her too, or what number to call to reach us!! I guess we're going to have to take care of that soon.
Anyway, I'm glad that you found Sid, and that your back is starting to feel better.

Keep up the positive attitude! That's exactly what I like so much about your never complain, and you always manage to find the good side to every situation. It's very refreshing and uplifting, and always brightens my day :0)

Rachel said...

I love that you aren't having a hard time with the wait. You have such a great positive attitude, Renee.

I like hearing about the concerts that you go to. I don't really enjoy going to concerts, but I like living vicariously through you :)

Julie said...

I was so afraid when you said you lost Sid, I'm so glad the next line was that you found him. I'm glad you are enjoying your kid free days right now, you really learn patience in this process, don't you.

Janice et Stéphane said...

Your site IS very inspiring, you really sound like you are having a great time and I like to think that the busier we are and the more fun we have, the easier the wait is. Hope your back is better and not affecting your running too much...
Cheers :o)