Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming around

The first full day with Rafael was wonderful!! He was happy and laughing and was lots of fun. That night however, he had alot of trouble getting to sleep and kept looking around the room, for the orphanage staff I assume. It was very sad. Then last night he went to sleep much better but awoke after a few hours and was then up all night. I think that he was having alot of gas pain. Today wasn't the best as he was sleep deprived from the night before. He was irritable and didn't want to get out of arms at all. Tonight he did better and ate a big dinner and went to sleep fairly easily and he is still asleep 4. 5 hours later!!! Knock on wood.

Rafael prefers his Dad over me right now and if he has a choice, he will always pick Dad. Tonight though he went to sleep on my chest while Brian was down grabbing some dinner. He slept there for a few hours before rolling off and sleeping on the bed. He much prefers to sleep up in arms however. He cuddles into you in the most precious way!

Tomorrow we leave for Boracay. It is a 4-5 hour drive from here to the boat ride so hopefully all will go well. It will be good practice for Rafael's long flight home. We are looking forward to our time in Boracay and we are hoping to actually get to spend sometime outside. So far I have spent a maximum of 5 minutes outside each day and that's it! Most of the time is spent here in our little hotel room. Especially today when Rafael wasn't himself. We were hoping to go across the road to the mall to buy Rafael some new shorts but even that didn't happen. All the clothes I brought here for him were too big so he needs some smaller clothes, especially shorts as the ones I brought are falling off of him. I guess we'll just have to make due with what we have!!

We are so lucky that Rafael is finally in our lives and we already love him to pieces!! He is just precious and we are so happy to be able to call him our son. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world and it will only improve as he continues to adjust to us.

Hopefully I'll get to post again from Boracay but it all depends on how things go. Keep your fingers crossed!!


Bubbis said...

This sounds all too familiar. Especially the clothes are all too big and the prefers dad part! Nathaniel would hardly have anything to do with me. I had to let him learn to trust me on his own terms.

Enjoy Borecay! This is a regret I have...never getting there!

Congrats again! :-)

Jennifer said...

Oh, how wonderful to finally have him in your arms! It sounds like you are coping with the challenges quite well, and I'm praying for you guys that Rafael's adjustment to you continues smoothly. Clearly, he must have been very well loved by his caregivers. Enjoy your time on Boracay. I can't wait to hear about it, because we've been hoping to add a few days there, too!
"We are so lucky that Rafael is finally in our lives and we already love him to pieces!! He is just precious and we are so happy to be able to call him our son. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world and it will only improve as he continues to adjust to us." --- Amen. Enjoy it and enjoy the cuddles, Mama!

Méli said...

amusez-vous bien à Borocay et ne t'inquiète pas ton fils sera scotché à toi en moins de deux..

Allison Family said...

Enjoy your time in Boracay. I smiled reading about clothes too big because Jay-R's fell off him, too. It is definitely a time of adjustment, and I pray each day you all bond more and more...what a blessing and joy to finally have him in your arms. He is a cutie!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Renee, I'm glad to hear that today is better than yesterday...and hopefully tomorrow will be better than today! I'm praying for safe (and easy) travels for you! I hope you all have a wonderful time in Boracay...I'm dreaming of being there with you...the sand...the sun...the WARMTH!

Lots of love to all of you!

Jenny said...

Aren't you guys just loving the cuddling? :) So glad to hear that your first few days have gone well with the exception of good sleep. That is how our house has been these past few weeks. Enjoy your time in Boracay. How is the weather in the Philippines?

Wendy said...

Boracay is gorgeous. You all are going to love it. When we adopted Lily, she really loved being outdoors as much as possible. I think the hotel room scared her. Being outside was very calming for her.

Have a wonderful time!

The dB family said...

Ohhh, having Rafael fall asleep in your arms! What a wonderful feeling that is!! I'm glad he's doing better already today. So happy to read that your post. After reading your post I think I will be taking a supply of safety pins to help the girls keep their shorts on :o). At least they can wear dresses!

Have a wonderful time in Boracay! We'll continue to pray for smooth adjustments and safe travels!


Julie said...

This sounds just like our story of going to get Shella May. We did no siteseeing, we barely got to the store to get her shoes (that she needed so bad). Shella May loved Daddy most also, but now it has evened out. I wish you safe, quiet travels. Enjoy every minute.

josefine said...

I follow your journey every day and I am glad you finally have Rafael in your arms! Though it seems like you've had some challanges and I know it is hard in the beginning. It must be a big change for the kids! But of course we all want them to be happy and content.
I hope your stay in Boracay will offer you a playful and relaxing time together for all three of you!
Thank you for sharing Rafael-stories with us!