Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Waiting.....

We are still waiting with regards to ICAB appoval. We've been waiting 7 weeks now, but should hopefully hear something soon. The time, so far, has gone quickly. We've been busy watching playoff hockey every night. Montreal is up 3 -1 on Boston, Hooray!!

We've also planned another trip to California for this coming November. I'm really looking forward to returning to Six Flags Magic Mountain, we just love roller coasters!! The higher and faster, the better. The last time we were there, two years ago, we spent the full day at Six Flags and didn't even stop for lunch! Keeping busy making vacation plans and watching hockey definetely helps the time go faster. That's it for now.

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Rachel said...

I thought of you the other night while I was watching the Wild beat Colorado (obviously not last night!). I remembered you were such a big hockey fan :) I went to California when I was 8 and I absolutely LOVED it!! I would love to go back again (and maybe visit wine country)... I'll have to talk to Dave.