Saturday, April 26, 2008

2 months since our file reached ICAB!

Our file has now been at ICAB for two months awaiting approval. I am just hoping that we will soon hear something. There is really nothing else new to report. Just to make this post a little more interesting, I thought that I would add a few photos.

St. John's Marathon 2006

Yalta, Ukaraine 2007

Sid - Bellevue Beach 2007

Rodney Pond, Gambo 2007
Orvieto, Italy 2007


Rachel said...

How fun!! I love seeing your pictures! Do you take Sid with you when you travel sometimes?

Congrats on 2 months!! I hope you hear your approval news very soon!

From me to you... said...

Wonderful pics! You traveled a lot in 2007. My husband and I are from Lethbridge, AB. He is a physio and graduated from the UofA in Edmonton. After enduring one two many cold winters, we tried Naples, FL and 14 years later here we are. We LOVE to go home in the summers and will be in AB for a month this year.

From me to you... said...

Always nice to have the instant 'physio' bond. We have slowly converted to physical therapist but like to type out physio too :) Phil went onto to get his manual therapy certification through Stanley Paris and just finished his doctorate through the University of St. Augustine. It doesn't do much really just a different initial at the end of your name. I am a PTA and work some out-pt but most home health because my salary is doubled for the time I spend. Right now I only work when the boys are in school which is soon ending about 4 weeks here. I've worked in peds and aquatic PT and loved it. I've been thinking of returning to school but there are only 2 PTA to PT transition programs in the US. We'll see. I'm anxious to hear about your ICAB approval. Sometimes they take their time just notifiying the PAPs. Michelle

Rachel said...

Sid sounds like a character!! You should take the quiz sometime so we can see what celebrity he is :) It sounds like he and Gus would be good friends. They'd probably work together to drive a car somewhere or some craziness like that.

quitesimplyme said...


My name is Beth and my husband and I are in St. John's and looking to adopt internationally. I just searched for St. john's adoption Philippines and you're blog popped up! Can you drop me an e-mail and let me know what agency you're using and why you choose the Philippeans? Our social worker wants us to choose a country, but I don't know how to decide. My e-mail address is It's nice to know that there are other people locally who are on the same journey.

Thanks so much,