Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First post placement visit

Our first post placement visit is tomorrow afternoon. We are hoping that all goes well of course. It seems to be going well to us so far. Rafael is the most social, happy little boy I have ever met and he loves to make us laugh. He is always dancing and doing the sign for us to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Too cute!! He loves to cuddle and to blow kisses. He says Mom, Dad, Nan, bye and no although not consistently. He just started saying no over the past few days. I guess that is because he is sick and tired of hearing it!! He still likes to get into everything. I caught him in my gym bag yesterday and he took out my bra and put it around his neck. When I went in the bedroom, he was just standing there looking down at the bra wondering what in the world it was. He then proceeded to take out my underwear and put them over his head. Very funny boy!! He also loves to clean and goes around the house sweeping the floor and dusting. I've seen more dust bunnies over the last few days because he likes to sweep underneath the stove and furniture. There is always lots of dust there!! I guess he is just getting us prepared for our post placement visit. We are so lucky to have such a helpful boy!


Jennifer said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure he's going to have your social worker absolutely charmed in no time!

I love how helpful he's being, sweeping all the dustbunnies. Too, too cute.

The dB family said...

Lol! What adorable pictures! He is such a sweetheart! Who knew he'd be so helpful too! I'm sure tomorrow will go GREAT! It was sooo good to talk to you on Friday! We'll keep you posted :o)!


Jenny said...

I'm sure your visit will be great. Is there ever a time that he isn't in full grins? What a cutie pie!!

Wendy said...

If your social worker doesn't fall in love with that little boy like the rest of have, there is something wrong!

Love, love, love the shot with the bra! I have one JUST like that of Lily at that age. I also have one of her wearing her daddies undies (clean, mercifully) on her head. Those are the photos that will make you all laugh in 10 years.

I could be misreading that mischievious grin on his face, but I have a feeling your little man is going to give you a run for your money! LOL!