Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 17 months!!!

Running around like crazy after eating my cake!!!
I love playing in the dog's water bowl when no one is looking!!!
I have now learned how to climb onto the coffee table. Oh no!!! Don't I look up to no
Rafael turned 17 months old today!! We baked him a cake this morning and he had some for his mid morning snack!! There is nothing like cake a little after breakfast. He loved the icing and kept wanting more although I didn't give him too much because I thought he would be extra active. Don't want that!!

Our first post placement visit went well. Rafael was his usual charming self and was constantly dancing and singing. Well his version of singing. She was here for just under an hour and it flew by. We will have 5 more visits before the final report is done. We are really hoping to be able to finalize the adoption before Christmas.

We are having a snow day here so Brian is off of work which is nice. He can help chase Rafael around! Rafael has learned many new tricks lately and not ones that we like. He now climbs up into the rocking chair and up onto the coffee table. He can turn on the electric fireplace and turn the tv off and on. Oh my, we have our hands full with our beautiful little boy. Gotta love it.......... we wouldn't want it any other way!!


The dB family said...

Renee, your post just makes me smile! You sound like you are loving every minute of your precious little guy's activity. Just wait until he figures out how to climb up on the dining room table and then dances :o)! I'm glad the visit went well. I had no doubt that it would. Enjoy the snow day at home with the three of you!


Wendy said...

STOP IT with the cuteness already!!! I can't take anymore! ;-)

Love, love, love that little boy. Is he getting a cake for every month? I'd be smiling, too!

Jennifer said...

Happy 17-month birthday, little man! You get cuter with every passing week!

sabine said...

that are great pictures :-)
he is very beautyfull
happy 17 months and big hugs :-)

greetings sabine, benoit and grégory
(and Jonathan who's waiting for us in the Philippines )

Agnes said...

Mmmmmm...cake!!!! Go for it Rafael! Yummmy!!!!

Agnes said...
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Allison Family said...

Everytime I see your pictures and read your blog, I can't help but smile knowing how long you waited and to see the happiness in your life now. Enjoy the little guy...he sure is a cutie!

Jenny said...

Cute pictures, as always! Don't you just love the extra business?? :)