Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pediatrician visit

Rafael had his first pediatrician visit today and it went well. She said that Rafael is doing very well except he only says 6 words. She feels his comprehension is good and his speech will come along with time. He is on the 5th percentile for his weight and is not even on the growth curve for his height. We have a shortie on our hands!! Not much like his dad who is 6'4''!! We are taking our first overnight outing the end of next week. Rafael and I our going out to stay with my parents for three night since Brian has to work the whole weekend anyways. I hope he does okay. Keep your fingers crossed! He had another play date with his two little cousins who are 2 and 3 this weekend. They all ran around screaming and played hide and seek. It was so much fun to watch Rafael having so much fun with his cousins. Adorable!!! His cousins already are asking when Rafael can come for a sleepover. Gotta love kids!


Jennifer said...

Love it! Glad to hear he's doing so well. It always makes my day to see pictures of your happy, smiling little boy!

Kina said...

I loved reading and seeing all your pictures of your sweet boy! I have never seen such a beautiful smile and so often. Every picture, but when he is sleeping he is smiling! How blessed you are! Congratulations!

The dB family said...

Awesome! He's doing great! It was so neat to hear him in the background when we chatted a couple weeks back. I think he's the most smiley little guy I have ever seen! Have fun!


Allison Family said...

Love the cheesy grin!!! You have yourself a cutie! Enjoy the time with your parents.

josefine said...

Hi there!
I'm glad to read it is going well for you! Rafael is just such a sweetie. It looks like he is a big entertainer!
I can tell you that Noah still only says mum, dad, thank you, yes and no. He is 21 months this week. He is so busy to learn new stuff so I think his speech has to wait. Our pediatrician thought it was just normal.
Enjoy your time at home with Rafael!!!!

Maman Tangie et Papa Michel said...

Don't worry for the talking issue.. Rafaelle didn't start talking bedfore she was 21 months.. now she says about 200 different words! It goes fast when it starts!!!

He is soo cute and seams such an happy little kiddo! Love his sweet face!!! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.Renee, Rafael is so cute! I've been following your blog since January because I like reading this kinds of stories especially when families are adopting here in the Philippines :)