Friday, March 4, 2011

We're home!!!!

We finally arrived home at 1:30am Thursday morning after 20 hours of flying. Rafael made out so well which made the trip all the more bearable. My parents met us at the airport and Rafael loved the Elmo doll and balloons that they gave him. He was showing off his big smile and beautiful laugh. He finally got to bed at 3:30am but was up again at 7. He had his first doctor's appointment that same day and has also gone for bloodwork and x-rays just to check him out so he has been quite busy!! I'm guessing that it may take him a while to adjust to the 11.5 hour time difference. He went to bed last night just before 8 but woke up again just after 12 because he was teething. Brian finally got him back to sleep after a few hours. He hasn't been napping much at all but this afternoon he finally collapsed and had a 3 hour nap but unfortunately it wasn't until 7pm that he woke up and then he was cranky because he had gas. We finally got him back to sleep after a few hours. He wouldn't eat his supper but he did drink. I'm sure he will be starved when he finally wakes up!!
This whole parenthood business is so busy!! I can barely find time to do anything but just the bare minimum. I guess as he adjusts to being home and to us, things will become easier. When Rafael is not tired or in pain he is the most pleasant and beautiful boy. He loves to play with his new toys and to explore his new environment. He is the most amazing little boy!!
When we visited ICAB they told us that there are at least 200 families approved in 2008 still waiting to be matched. I pray that all of those famililes hear something soon!!! The wait is so long but it is definitley worth it. Well I'd better go catch some sleep because who knows when Rafael will awake again. I'm hoping it isn't until 7am!!


anikolas said...

Hi Renee,
I'm following your journey with your little boy. Thank you so much to share with future parents. It's surely amazing to have your kid in your arms. Vous faites une belle famille. Félicitations.

The dB family said...

Welcome home!! It sounds like your beautiful boy is adjusting well. I am still so thrilled for you! Sleep well.


Wendy said...


And welcome to motherhood where showers are at a premium...if you have time to sneak them in at 4:00 pm! ;-)

Enjoy it and savor it goes by so fast!

Jenny said...

So glad your return trip home went well. I am sure you are glad to be home...there's no place like home! Yes, parenthood is exhausting, but don't worry, that state of exhaustion will soon feel normal. Ha!

Anonymous said...

We are so joyful for you all. It's so wonderful to be able to read your blog again (didn't have access in China) and to see more beautiful pictures. Looking forward to your further stories and experiences!

P.s. Its a bit hard to hear that there are still 200 wiating form 2008. Last I heard in September was that there were 50. Must have been incorrect info at the time.

Another practical question: Did you fly tourist class or spacey class? We have been feeling that such a long flight and special situation, it would be worth the cost for biz class. I had 4 free tickets, but because its taking so long they will probably expire :( But I have to trust that God helps us with his provision..

Jennifer said...

Welcome home, Renee! Thanks for the update! I'm so glad that Rafael is a relaxed and easygoing baby. Good luck as you get into a schedule together, and continue to enjoy all the cuddles and love you waited so long to enjoy!