Monday, February 15, 2010

21 months

We are getting close on 2 years since ICAB approval. Today marks 21 months since ICAB approval so we are only 3 months away. I wonder will we actually reach the 2 year mark without a referral. Right now it certainly seems so but you never know. There have not been many referrals lately although there was one posted today on the Yahoo goup. We still are no closer to starting the update of our homestudy. The person who I need to talk to is away for another week. I've tried several other people, all of whom said I have to just sit back and wait. Boy is that hard! So for now I'm spending all my spare time watching the Olympics. I'm glad that there is something else to help distract me. I especially love the hockey and curling both of which start tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 21 months. Every month your getting closer.

Your nefew is adorable. Congratulation, someone to practice spoiling. :)

chrissi said...

Sigh. I so empathize with you. February 25 will be 20 months for us. I just never imagined it would be this long. And it appears it is in fact going to be quite a bit longer than this.

It really does seem like matches come in waves. As you pointed out, there haven't been many at all on the Yahoo group so far. I'm wondering if they'll just bust out a bunch of 'em for all of us soon.
I realized the other day that my default stance (which I never actually verbalize) is that it's never actually going to happen.

But it is! It is inevitable that we will eventually have little munchkins in our arms! It just doesn't really feel like it right about now.

I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Every dog has his day. ....................................................

Patricia & Yan said...

Congratulation for these 21 month of waiting time... I can just imagine how hard it can be... I really hope you'll have news very very soon from your social worker or better from Philippines!!!

Wish you all the best!!!


Allison Family said...

You are getting closer, but waiting is so hard!!! Hope you hear something soon and the update process goes quickly and smoothly! I can't wait to hear about your referral news, and I am praying you hear something soon!!!

Tam-A-Roo said...

Congratulations on 21 months! I really hope you get your referral soon! I can only imagine how difficult it is for you right now! It won't be long now! Glad to hear that you're keeping busy though...I think that really is the key!

sabine said...

wow 21 months. every month closer
and closer. 5 march we are waiting 21 months. it's so exiting
we really hope you get your referral very soon.

greetings sabine,

Jenny said...

I am hoping all of the olympics craze in Canada is keeping your mind off of the wait. We have defintely been enjoying watching it nightly on TV. I have loved seeing all of the scenic Canada clips. And yes, I catch myself cheering for a Canadian to win if their isn't one if the finals from the U.S. :)