Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I'm looking forward to

I can't wait until April so that I can run every morning and watch the sunrise. We have the most amazing sunrises here in Newfoundland.

I am also looking forward to the Canada vs USA hockey game tonight. It's goint to be a great game and hopefully Canada can pull off a win.

I'm looking forward to Thursday when Mom and I leave to go to Halifax to watch the Brier. This is the Canadian Men's curling championship. Very exciting!

I am most of all looking forward to a referral!! Hopefully we'll be matched before this summer. There are definitely so many things to be thankful for!


Joanne said...

Beautiful photos!... So many things for you to look forward to, especially news of your referral! As for the Canada vs USA game it looks like USA is losing, but Dennis is still hoping we can turn it around ;)

Patricia & Yan said...

I really hope that your foward come very soon :)!!


Renee and Brian said...

What a fantastic game!! I predicted Crosby in OT and it was pretty great when he scored. At least Canada has several San Jose players so it's not a total loss.