Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby news, but not mine!

In all the panic of receiving the update letter I forgot to mention that I am now an Aunt!! My brother and his girlfriend had a baby boy a week ago. He is very cute and I was lucky enough for him to spend his first night out of the hospital at our house. They were unable to drive home due to a snowstorm and had to stay with us. He slept in the crib that we have for our child, if he or she ever comes!
Also on another good note, I have figured out that we only need an update stating that we are still interested in adopting and stating any changes in our lives in the past two years for ICAB. They don't require any further info but we still have to complete our provincial update which requires all the criminal checks, references, medicals etc. I am hoping that since we only need a quick update for ICAB, that they will match us with a social worker faster so that we can get it done and sent off ASAP. That's my hope, now lets see what happens! Please keep your fingers crossed.


chrissi said...

Oh, that is SUCH good news! I've been grumbling and angry on your behalf all day. It's still a bunch of work but at least you know the ICAB part is relatively simple.

Oh, and that is a BEAUTIFUL baby! How fun that the little cousins will be very close in age. If you think about it, your baby could be less than a year older than this little munchkin. What fun they will have together...

Patricia & Yan said...

What a good role to be an Aunt!! This baby boy is soo cute... And don't worry you'll have yours soon i'm sure. I just understand that sometimes it's hard to trust we'll be mother soon...Keep faith!!