Friday, February 5, 2010

Hypothermic half

Today we had a huge blizzard here and pretty much everything was closed. I love snowstorms! I am running a half marathon on Sunday called the Hypothermic Half. I 'm hoping that the snow will be stopped by then but I'm sure that the road will still be fairly snow covered. That will just help to make it more interesting. The race is followed by a hot buffet breakfast and that is the part that I am looking forward to most!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your Hypothermic Half! I think it's crazy to run in those kinds of weather conditions, but I also think it's pretty awesome that you're doing it :). Think warm, tropical thoughts while you're running! ;)

Jenny said...

Good luck tomorrow. Just the name of your race makes me cringe. Enjoy the breakfast...I always look forward to the after-race festivities too.