Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update time!

We just received a letter informing us that it is time to update all of our adoption related info such as our homestudy, medicals, criminal checks and so on and on and on!! I dread having to start all of this again as it took so long when we did it all 2 plus years ago. First I have to track down a new social worker as our old social worker took a new job just as she was finishing up our homestudy. I can't wait until we get this all clued up and I hope and pray that we will receive a referral before we have to go through this for the third time!


Rachel said...

Ugh, I feel bad that you're having to do these a second time. Sending you some energy!

AnnaM said...

HI, This is my first time to read your blog. My name's Anna and I've been living in the Philippines (with my husband) for the last 5 years. We had our first daughter (now 2 and a half) in Dumaguete City, we now live in Bohol. We applied to adopt through the local social services last year. It's quite a different (and supposedly simpler) process than the international one. We put our application in last April. We were told to expect to be matched with a child (or possibly 2 siblings) at the earliest by July or August 09. We're still waiting and haven't been able to find out too much info. I decided to look online for any other families adopting from the Philippines and I found you. We're in a similar situation as all of our papers are now out of date (medical certificate, police clearance etc) so we will have to get them all updated. Anyway, sorry for the long, long comment, just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.

Anonymous said...

I am hopeing it won't be as bad the second time around. No stress about getting it done so we can get our paperwork off to the countries.

Good luck.

Patricia & Yan said...

Oh yes after 20 month I hope that for you to!! And all those paper... I wish you have a referral before!

Patriciaxx (soon 15 month of waiting time to philippines adoption)

Renee and Brian said...

Hi Anna, I hope that you don't wait too much longer for a referral. It's nice to meet you.